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 Agstract Apparel - Yoga Leggings - Yoga, sport, athletic custom printed leggings. Compression fit women's leggings for active or everyday wear.

'Flower Child' Legging

Agstract Original

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Ready to release your inner Flower Child? Energize your next yoga session with the  'Flower Child' Collection, these Yoga Leggings feature a maroon and purple matrix, with swaths of white, and dashes of gold. This print was taken from a photo of Indian Blanket Jasper, a stone found in Utah.  Wrapped around the leg in a textured and subtle pattern that looks perfect with any tank, t-shirt or sports bra. These compression fit, high waisted Yoga Leggings are comfortable enough to wear to go grab coffee, and durable enough for the most advanced yoga class or trail hike.

Get in, stand out, Agstract Apparel.


So what makes Agstract Apparel awesome? Here are a few things to know!

  • Agstract Apparel Leggings are made to order, and sewn by hand. 
  • Agstract Apparel is the only apparel line that uses patterns and textures found only in nature for it's yoga leggings. 
  • We make prints out of hand selected rocks and minerals, and use those patterns to create textiles exclusive to Agstract Apparel. 
  • Each pair of leggings, yoga leggings, and capris is hand designed, with special attention to every design element. Every element is added with intent and accentuates the body natural curves to create a design that perfectly compliments the wearer, and creates visual appeal. 
  • Agstract Apparel is made from a 88% polyester/ 12% spandex blend that is durable, machine washable and won't fade after multiple washing. 
  • Agstract Apparel is blended to be comfortable enough to wear casually, and durable enough for active use, such as yoga, workouts or hikes. 
  • Textiles are made from EcoPoly, which reduces the environmental stress of production by 70%! C'mon, who doesn't love responsible manufacturing. 
  • No mass production, No sweatshops. All leggings are made in Montreal by our manufacturer, sweatshop free.