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Why Buy From Us?

  • Agstract Apparel admires, the beauty of nature. We also realize the importance of giving back, and preserving and restoring our natural areas. Every purchase at Agstract Apparel is also a donation to With every product you buy, one tree is planted. Now you can admire nature and give back as well!
  • You won't find our designs anywhere else, they are exclusive to this website, and exclusive to Agstract Apparel.
  • Every design in meticulously created to ensure it is not only visually stunning, but that design elements are placed with intent to accentuate the body's natural shape. 
  • All designs feature prints found only in nature! We take the beauty of nature, found in rocks and minerals, and use them to create prints for a one of a kind design, there is nothing else like this on the market. 
  • Leggings fabrics are durable, vibrant, and compression fit to ensure you look your best. All leggings are made with a polyester and spandex blend, that is ecologically responsible and lowers the negative effects on the environment during production. 
  • Our designs are awesome, what more needs to be said!?