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Agstract Apparel Now Featured on!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Almost a year ago, we took a chance and entered a contest for small businesses called The Big Find. This was hosted by QVCxHSN, meant to attract small businesses that could potentially partner with these two retail giants. It seemed like a long shot at the time since we have traditionally been a small, direct to customer company, but we submitted a video detailing our clothing, and the philosophy of Agstract Apparel. 
To our surprise, weeks later, we were invited to Seattle to present the brand in front of a panel of fashion experts and buyers. As if out of a dream, we were then selected to move directly to meet with HSN to talk about a partnership. 
After months of hard work, learning how to operate as a wholesale retailer, we are proud to announce that April marks the first phase in our relationship with HSN. As of today, 8 of our most popular prints can be found, for our best price ever, on!