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Our Story


 Founders Jason and Denise Black (and Hurley!)


Agstract Apparel is a activewear and casualwear brand, who's aim is providing comfortable clothing with vibrant palettes taken straight from nature. The textiles used feature the gesture and texture found only in nature; rocks, minerals, gems and other precious stones give us unique vibrant designs that can only be found here, at Agstract Apparel.

Introduction by the Owner

Hey guys, Jason Black here, I wanted to address you all personally, and thank you for visiting my site. The concept for this apparel line was not an overnight process, but rather starts with an idea I had a while back to start photographing stones and minerals. I turned these prints into wall canvases, turning nature into abstract art. I fell in love with my craft, and decided to extend the art line, into the apparel line that you see today. This makes Agstract Apparel an absolutely unique product in that the prints you find here are EXCLUSIVE to this online store only, and cannot be replicated anywhere else. Below you can learn a bit more about the process by which we create our apparel, and why we love it so much! 


The Design Process

The design process starts with hand selection minerals and rocks from which to create prints. Hundreds of rocks, mineral slabs, and mineral specimen have been collected and curated, selecting only those which have vibrancy, gesture, and unique qualities which allow them to be candidates for prints.

Next the specimens are photographed using a special technique to ensure that all the color, detail, and nuance of each stone is captured. Nothing is lost in this transition, where the beauty of the stone is then turned into a digital print.

Designing with Intent

Digital prints are meticulously reviewed, and only the best are then used to start the design process. Images are placed carefully and purposefully onto a 3D model, ensuring not only that the print looks good, but that it COMPLIMENTS THE SHAPE OF THE BODY! It is important to be in every design that the elements of the design enhance the figure of the wearer. We don't simply place the print on fabric and call it a day, we specifically design each collection to fit the wearer with purpose, with design elements placed carefully in place.    



Finding the Right Manufacturer

The production process started with finding a manufacturer that fit the needs of Agstract Apparel, and we have several based on which product you buy. Our women's leggings are made in Montreal, and EACH PAIR IS PRINTED AND SEWN TO ORDER! This means that every time you order one of our leggings, they are custom made, individually for you.

Our Fabrics

To add to that, all leggings are made from an incredible fabric, that is 88% polyester/ 12% spandex, and ultra durable. Leggings are compression fit, which compliments the body's natural curves, and high waisted.  

Last but not least our leggings won't fade or lose shape over time, and are made with EcoPoly Fabrics, which takes 70% less water, energy, and heat to manufacture. This means that you can know that you are cutting down on any unnecessary stress to the environment in the production of these leggings, like the nature lover you are!


Wrap Up

In closing, I am proud to share Agstract Apparel on different levels. From exclusive design, to personalized orders, to the best materials we could find, Agstract Apparel truly allows you to Get In, and Stand Out!