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'Rainforest' Legging

'Rainforest' Legging

Canyon Collection

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***Each Purchase Plants a Tree in Uganda via and the Jane Goodall Institute***

'Rainforest' is a recent addition, based on the variety of emerald and green tones, found in the gemstone Malachite. Malachite has been a chosen decorative gemstone for thousands of years; it's rich emerald colors being used in jewelry, as a pigment dye, and even used for interior design in the most lavish of rooms for royalty. The rich green tones were seen as a sign of new life.

We wanted to present malachite in our own way, used as our latest print to adorn our leggings. 

In addition to the beautiful rich emerald coloring, malachite has a recognizable layered look, not unlike the rings of a tree. We used these rings in our design concept, to create a visual flow, and movement, which gives a sense of momentum to the wearer. 


Product Details

 - Exclusive print from Agstract Apparel

-  5" waist for a high, supportive fit

 - 24.5-25" inseam makes this 7/8 legging ideal for wearers of various heights

-  Made from a 88% Recycled Polyester/ 12% Spandex blend

So what makes Agstract Apparel awesome? Here are a few things to know!

  • Agstract Apparel is the only apparel line that uses patterns and textures found only in nature for it's yoga leggings. We hand select gems and minerals, photograph them, and use those patterns to customize textile prints exclusive to Agstract Apparel.

  • Agstract Apparel is an independent family owned business. We touch every part of the process, ensuring that every aspect of the brand, from our production, to our shipping, to our social media accounts, reflect our beliefs in how an eco-friendly business should be operated. 

  • All leggings are made with the best recycled polyester/spandex mix we could find. Not only does this make Agstract Apparel leggings comfortable and supportive, but it means less waste, and a happier planet! 
  • No mass production, No sweatshops. All leggings are made in Denver, Colorado, in small batches. Ethical and responsible production, always.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Meredith Sirkel
Not squat proof

Beautiful print however they are see through when bending down. So definitely not squat proof.

sandra rowan

the print is wonderful there isn't a shade of green that isnt there..the fit and the quality of these are exactly what i expect from this great company.. although their prices are a little pricey. you get what you pay for...this is my 7th pair of their.awsome legging even though i am in my 70's i still get compliments when ever i where them which is all the time.i cant wait till they release new colors.and patterns.

Hollister Higgins

Absolutely beautiful; the print is spot on for malachite. Great job.
Pls make a pair of lapis w/silver flecks.