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What is Agstract Apparel? How We Create our Leggings

Hey guys, Jason Black here, owner and artist and Agstract Apparel. I wanted to take a second to let you know a little about the brand, what the goals of Agstract Apparel and how we design our leggings. 

Agstract Apparel comes from a process I started about a year ago, which involves creating abstract art out of rocks, minerals and gems. The process includes hand selecting the most vibrant, textured rock specimens, and then photographing the features. The end result is a abstract print, which displays the natural color and texture of each mineral. 

The next part of the process involves takes those art prints, and wrapping them around a 3D model which allows us to control how the design flows around the wearer. 

Once the design is complete, it is sublimated into the fabric, and hand sewn into the leggings, yoga leggings, or capris for each customer. Each pair is made to order, which means it is made when you order it. 

Or goal at Agstract Apparel is to create exclusive designs, that rival the best designs out there for brightness, texture, and uniqueness. All this while making sure the construction is tough enough to be worn actively, and comfortable enough to be a go-to pair for casual use. 


Thanks for visiting us, and we hope to excite you about your next pair of leggings.