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Sedona Summer

The summer in Scottsdale can be hot. Like, don't go outside, don't look outside, don't think about the outside hot. Yet, a short trip north, south, or east tends to kill the temperature at least 10 degrees, and provides an incredible landscape unlike the barren desert most associate with Arizona. That's where Sedona comes into play, just about 2.5 hours north, it has been a fairly regular getaway for us, providing incredible scenery, and just an overall awesome vibe. 

A while back, I had the pleasure of photographing my friend David's home in Sedona for his Airbnb listing, and spent the weekend there. In addition to being a much needed getaway, it was a great excuse to hike and feature some of the newest Agstract Apparel designs we launched this month. 

My parents won't even touch Arizona during the summer, I guessed California spoiled us a bit with summer highs of 80. We were able to convince them to join us on this trip, and despite being above 90 degrees most of the time, they pushed through. 
One of the best parts about the trip was the house. Owned and operated by a great friend (and recent groomsman) David. The house backs up to a protected forest, which allowed us to hike freely, and take many of the photos in this post. Location aside, when we weren't outdoors, we were being lazy indoors. I would say that was actually the majority of the trip. And it was great. 
Above is one of the photos I took of the home when I shot it originally, for the entire library of photos and information on booking visit Sedona Home.