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'Lichen' Leggings Collection

'Lichen' Leggings, stand out in the city, blend in on the trail. One of my favorite prints for a long time now has been titled 'Lichen'. and finally I get to release the 'Lichen' line of leggings.


Lichen is an algae like organism that lives on rock. It is visible in higher altitudes in many parts of Arizona, and comes in a wide array of vibrant colors. I've captured  prints of sky blue, bright white, and in this case a bright vibrant almost neon yellow.


While hiking in Greer, AZ, we came across a series of rocks near a lake we were visiting, and it was hard to ignore the colors blanketing every one. Neon yellow, white, and black, the rocks were stunning. I loved the palette, and being into abstracts, knew I needed to capture a few photos.