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Introductory Releases - 'Glacier' Leggings and Yoga Leggings

'Glacier' is another introductory release that I am proud to share!

womens leggings, yoga leggings, azurite, chrysocolla

This design comes directly from a vivid blue mineral specimen I acquired, with hints of azurite, and probably a bit of Chrysocolla.

womens leggings, yoga leggings, activewear

At first glance, these details are so small that they are hardly noticeable, but when photographed, they revealed an amazing array of blues, dark blacks, and vibrant whites. I was immediately reminded of the range and depths of blue in glaciers, and the contrast with the ocean.

womens leggings, yoga leggings, activewear

Glacier comes in 4 styles, leggings, yoga leggings, yoga capris, and capri leggings.