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Introductory Releases - 'Brush Fire' Leggings and Yoga Leggings

Since starting to photograph stone, I've been in awe of pietersite. Pietersite is a rare, and therefore very expensive mineral, but in terms of reflectance and color, it has almost no match. For 'Brush Fire' I was able to get my hands on a small sample of red Pietersite, which has pockets of the famous flash of color that makes it such a sough after specimen. 

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With the proper lighting, and photography, I was able to bring out the full range of color of the stone, creating a wildy vibrant red canvas, interspersed with deep blacks where the stone lacked any luminescence. 

yoga leggings, leggings, pietersite

The final step was to wrap the print around the leggings to ensure a clean, and form fitting design. The final design has a nice mixture of vibrant red, mixed with the black as it appears in the print. The balance of color to dark adds a great contrast, creating depth in the design. 


yoga leggings, leggings, pietersite


'Brush Fire' is available in all 4 leggings styles, including traditional leggings, capris, yoga leggings, and yoga capris