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Introductory Releases - 'Artic' Leggings and Yoga Leggings

Hey guys I'm so excited to have the first designs for Agstract Apparel live on site. These leggings and yoga leggings are something I've been working on for a while now, and so I wanted to share a little about each one, to better illustrate the design concept. Today's featured pair will be 'Artic'

womens leggings, yoga leggings, flourite

 'Artic' is a beautiful design, taken from fluorite, a translucent mineral that comes in a variety of shades, in this case an aqua green, with a range of shadows and white highlights.

womens leggings, yoga leggings, flourite

One of the more reserved pairs of leggings, 'Arctic' still retains the detail and depth that Agstract Apparel is known for, and wraps the body in design and texture.