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'Emerald Collection' Adventure

Earlier this year in September, Denise and I got to do something we've anticipated for a while now, and visit Colorado for the first time. The plan was interrupted last year when I proposed, and wedding planning in California took a spot we had planned to use for Colorado. Almost exactly a year later we were married, and ready to actually make our plan come true. 

The trip was a success in a number of ways, and Colorado was just as we imagined, what seems like the perfect mixture of urban and living areas, surrounded by incredible scenery. We stayed in Golden, Colorado, about a half hour west of Denver, and about the same distance south of Boulder. 

We only had two days. Two days to see a state we had wanted to visit for so long...but we had a plan. We visited Denver on the way to and from the airport, and used the one real day we had to visit Estes Park, and to drive into the Rockies. The goal was to hike, and drive, through as much as we could in a day, and to see as much as possible. 


Our biggest success was the hike to Emerald Lake. Along the way, on a misty trail, we were able to fully take in a side of nature we don't often see. Vibrant and alive, the hike was spiritually refreshing, and allowed me to also take some photos for prints with Agstract Apparel.


One of the results was the 'Emerald' Collection, named after the lake we were so lucky to see. The photo we used was of rock (duh), with varying levels of color itself, and covered in a naturally green and blue moss and lichen. Fully expressing the levels of green, gray, and with pops of light blue, this color palette humbly sums up the visual experience we had, in a simple pattern. It belongs in nature, and it belongs with you. 



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