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Eco-Fashion is in Fashion

One of our promises at Agstract Apparel is the practice of sustainability; using methods of production that reduce environmental impact, while also donating to non-profits such as, which positively restores and rehabilitates our natural spaces. 

As such, we took part in an eco-fashion trunk show at FABRIC, which is a fashion incubator in Tempe, AZ that has been key in our design and development. One week a year, they celebrate sustainable fashion with a series of seminars, fashion shows, and a trunk show, where we were able to meet Sara and Tori from Bass Couture, another brand following a sustainable path with their brand. Denise was instantly in love with the brand, which sells biodegradeable glitter used in festival fashion. 

We decided to collaborate and do a photo shoot using both our brands. 

 Luckily, Bass Couture loves color and so do we, so it wasn't hard to match some of their base colors to various leggings that we've designed over the past year. 


Of course in typical fashion, I decided to try and have a little fun with the photos. I'm not exactly one for boring studio portraits, so I decided the theme of the shoot was 'Deconstructed Studio' where the studio itself was used as a character in the shots. 


I was really happy with the results, and hope to work with more eco-friendly brands as we grow. It's important to support those who support the same causes in the hope that we can create change together!



Thanks for reading guys, if you want to check out the great work that they are doing, please visit!

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