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A Collaboration Years in the Making

Hey guys, it's Jason Black, the designer here at Agstract Apparel, and I want to give you the scoop on our latest editorial photo shoot, but more than that, to put in context of what it meant for me as a creative!

 agstract, agstract apparel

About a month ago, we received an email about being featured in Scottsdale Health Magazine. Needless to say, this was exciting as it would be our first editorial feature since launching a bit less than a year ago. 

Now if that wasn't cool enough, there was more. It was going to be photographed by my friend James Patrick. He would also help cast the shoot from his pool of athletes from FITposium. In addition, my wife Denise was brought in to do hair and makeup.

Now to give you some perspective, James and I have been friends for probably going on 15 years or so now. We have worked together on countless photo shoots, we have traveled for work, we recorded almost 75 podcasts over a few years time, and probably most importantly, we'd become close friends. Well, best friends, if a grown man can use that term. 

James was the best man at my wedding, and I am slotted to be his later this year, so I guess you can say it's getting serious. But I digress...


agstract, agstract apparel

Working with a close friend is great, but that is not why I was excited. I was excited because of all the years we had worked side by side, we were facing a new dynamic.

It was myself as the designer, and him as the photographer; in the past it had been as photographers side by side, or me as assistant to his photography. 

But this was different, it still maintained the trust of the other person, gained from years of repetition, but in a new way that I felt allowed us to be even stronger as a team; we were still producing great images, but our involvement had expanded, with James still on photography, and myself having designed the wardrobe. 


There are volumes I could write about our creative similarities, and differences; but the short of it is, that over the years we have been able to come together, and create great things. And I guess in summary, it really comes down to your team. When you have a team you can trust, things just work. The longer you work with your team, the less needs to be said, and the vision is easier to convey and execute. 

Alright guys, back to work, hope you enjoyed an inside look at our last shoot. As always visit us at for new designs and news, and check out our Insta and FB as well!

You can find more info about the work James is doing at and if you are interested in finding your own opportunities as an athlete, check out his yearly conference at 

Lastly, please visit my wife's page if you like the makeup in the photos. She is a HUGE part of Agstract Apparel, as well as being a great makeup artist with her own small business, see, I told you I network well!